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Ceresit CT 34 Smooth Mineral Render is used for plastering external surfaces and also as a mineral filler for smooth surfaces. It is also used to repairing traditional and cement-lime plasters of external and internal surfaces of buildings. It may be applied to fill deep losses e.g. chases after installation work. The properties of CT 34 make it possible to apply thin layers on the walls and ceilings, to cover rough and uneven cement and cement-lime plaster surfaces. Thickness of complete plaster layer must be up to 5 mm.
  • Vapour permeable (breathable),
  • Hydrophobic,
  • Flexible,
  • Resistant to weather conditions,
  • Good adhesion,
  • Reinforced with micro-fibres,
  • Easy to apply
The whole content of the packaging should be poured to the previously measured amount of clean, cold water and mixed by means of the drill with the mixer until the homogeneous mass without lumps is obtained. Wait for 5 min. and mix one more time - add a small amount of water if needed. The plaster should be applied and smoothed with the metal long float. When the material becomes thicker (after 90 min.) it may be structured with the Styrofoam long float. The time depends on thickness of layer or weather conditions. Thickness of complete plaster layer mustbe up to 5 mm. Application should be performed in dry conditions with the substrate and ambient temperature from +5C to +25C.

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