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  • limits the process of concrete carbonisation
  • crack bridging
  • low absorbability and high elasticity
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • damage resistant
  • BioProtect formula
  • resistant to the development of fungus, algae and mould
  • available in full palette of Ceresit Colours of Nature®


Ceresit CT 44 is used for protecting façades, concrete con-structions, interiors. It can be applied on the mineral substra-tes (concrete, cement plasters, lime–cement plasters and lime plasters). This paint can be used for painting Ceresit: CT 34, CT 35 and CT 137 mineral plasters, Ceresit: CT 60, CT 63, CT 64 acrylic plasters applied on traditional substrates and within Ceresit ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) with the application of EPS-boards (Expanded Po-lystyrene boards). This paint is a part of the concrete repair and concrete protection system Ceresit PCC. The structure of the coating ensures a high degree of protecting against CO2diffusion, which considerably reduces the process of concrete carbonisation. The façades covered with the paint CT 44 can be washed with washing devices operating under low pressu-re. The exposure of the façade to the sun causes dangerous tensions, therefore dark colours should be used only on small areas, e.g. architectural details. The paint CT 44 is protected form biological paralyses, e.g. fungus, mould, and algae.

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