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Product information

Concentrate for removing impurities


  • effectively removes dirt from the facade
  • high performance
  • inwards and outwards
  • does not contain caustic substances
  • removes dirt, oils, greases

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Ceresit CT 98 ensures cleaning and degreasing of heavily soiled facades of buildings made in ETICS technology, finished with thin-layer plasters: mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicone, silicate-silicone, elastomer, in traditional technologies such as cement-lime plasters, facades made of natural stone , artificial or finished with ceramic cladding and facades made of glass and aluminum. The product is a component of the Ceresit Ceretherm Repair system. After washing the facade with concentrate, the surfaces can be renewed by painting with Ceresit paints. CT 98 can also be used to clean and degrease surface contaminated mineral floors before applying subsequent floor layers. Removes engine oils, dried dirt, road salt, soot and light hydrocarbons. CT 98 can also be used for cleaning glass and plastic surfaces. The preparation is intended for external and internal use.

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