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Light Air+ 120NT

STERYLIS LIGHT AIR + 120 is a 2 in 1 device - combining the function of air disinfection (UV-C technology) and room lighting using LED light sources. Safely disinfects the air in rooms when people stay there. The device is designed for surface mounting.

Characteristics from device:

  • modern sources of UV-C radiation (253.7 nm) from LEDVANCE with proven effectiveness </ span>
  • luminaire design optimized for a unit dose & gt; 50 J / m2 (scientifically effective proven to destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus) </ span >
  • total photobiological safety in terms of UV-C leakage - risk group RG0 according to PN- standard EN 62471
  • lifetime of UV-C sources at the level of 10800 hours
  • Top quality brand fans with low noise level and a lifetime & gt; 50000 hours
  • integrated intelligent controller: monitoring and reporting of faults (fan, UV-C sources), counting the operating time of UV-C sources and signaling the need for them replace
  • metal case, powder coated.

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