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EXPRESS PLUS - Polyurethane adhesive for polystyrene and mineral wool.
One-component, low-pressure polyurethane adhesive for the attachment of polystyrene plates in the insulation of buildings in ETICS systems and for the attachment of various types of insulation boards.

  • capacity: 10 m2 - 100% higher than traditional cement based adhesives
  • 15% higher adhesive strength than traditional cement adhesives
  • low pressure
  • insulation already after 2 hours - significantly speeds up the insulation work, and with CT 84 and Ceresit Ceretherm systems, the insulation work takes up to 5 days less.
  • work from -10°C and at high humidity - especially recommended in periods of lower temperatures, when the drying of cement-based adhesives is significantly delayed
  • ideal for use with "insulation on insulation" - bonding 1 m2 of styrofoam with CT 84 adhesive weighs 100 g instead of 5 kg for cement-based adhesive
  • better thermal insulation properties - CT 84, unlike traditional cement adhesives, has thermal insulation properties comparable to those of insulating materials such as polystyrene or wool
  • high homogeneity of the adhesive due to the use of a metal ball that protects against too large air bubbles
  • the new generation valve allows storage in different positions and guarantees a long-lasting high quality of the adhesive

CT 84 EXPRESS PLUS - Polyurethane adhesive for polystyrene and mineral wool.

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