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Belusso - extremely resistant with a luxurious effect

R120_Native Steel_01.jpg
External corner.jpg
  • Natural minerals

  • The basis of Belusso is 70% marble stone.

  • 100% water resistant

  • Class 32 HI-TECH patented surface *

  • Dimensionally stable, can be placed without ventilation

  • Unique designs

  • Full collection in stock, available from 1 piece.

  • Digital printing, less repetition

  • Made in Europe

  • Up to 30 years warranty

  • Unique format 2800 x 1230 x 4 mm

  • Matching accessories for a perfect finish: joint compound and silicone in matching colours, glue and finishing profiles

Technical Data Sheet:

Belusso step by step -  product information and detailed assembly instructions 

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