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About R&B Builders

We've been working hard in the Belgian construction sector since the 1990s. Tiling, façade work, interiors and exteriors, dry and wet areas...

Every possible product with an endless range of accessories, including adhesives and gaskets, but that's not all.

In 2008, R&B Builders was founded as an official Ceresit (Henkel group) and Kronospan dealer,

We are a supplier/dealer of building materials specialising in the facade and interior finishing sector, and automatic balcony/framework.
We offer a wide range of products for professionals and private customers.

R&B Builders has developed a network of reputable suppliers based mainly in Central and Eastern Europe, in order to be able to offeks to direct importation!
This is why, in order to be able to support our customers and partner suppliers in this development, we have learnt to meet their expectations and we have specialised in the façade sector, from insulation to the type of finish (plaster or cladding board), via window sills or automatic frames and balconies. We also specialise in all aspects of interior decoration (paint, decorative wall panels, flooring and worktops). r our customers high quality products at reasonable prices, than


Thanks to this, we are able to focus on our staff, our stocks and range as well as our logistics and service offerings so that our customers can deliver their sites quickly, efficiently and with lasting end quality.

In order to provide our employees with the best possible support, we also organise training courses on product installation and technical specifications.
These can be found in the agenda section of our website.

professional team

Our team of professional staff consists of people with passion and experience in construction and renovation.

We are ready to guide and support you in all your projects, from the simplest to the most complex. 

A wide product range

At R&B Builders, we offer a wide range of quality products to meet your needs. 

We work with the best suppliers to ensure you receive products of the highest quality. 

Quality materials

We select top-quality materials.

We negotiate the best rates to bring you the best prices on the market.

At R&B Builders, we pride ourselves on our commitment and the quality of the products we offer.


To best support our partners, we organise training courses on the installation of our products and their technical specifications.

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