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PIReX AL Insulation Board 1200 x 600mm

PIReX AL is a thermal insulation board with a polyisocyanurate foam core. PIR is chemically modified polyurethane, which is characterized by durability and increased resistance to high temperatures. The isocyanurate structures in foam decompose at temperatures above 300°C and partially char. The charred layer prevents the penetration of high temperatures through the plate, providing more effective protection against fire. This product, which is very popular in Europe and worldwide, successfully replaces thermal insulation systems based on rock wool and styrofoam. This is due to the best thermal insulation properties in this group of building materials, durability, ease and speed of installation, fulfilling fire-resistant properties, with the material weight of about 30 kg per cubic meter. PIReX AL thermal insulation boards complement the system of light sandwich panel cladding and allow complete thermal insulation of industrial and residential buildings from floor to roof using polyurethane - a modern, durable material resistant to rodents and chemicals.

PIReX AL Insulation Board 1200 x 600 mm

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