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Tiling - fixing with CERESIT 


There is never an easy tiling job. On a construction site you always have to deal with a large number of interdependencies. That is why CERESIT by Henkel offers a comprehensive range of systems, with perfectly matched components that can handle any situation - from substrate preparation, sealing against moisture, to tiling and grouting the most diverse surfaces and materials. Thanks to our experience and the development of new technologies, our tiling solutions provide the best material performance and durability, while at the same time tiling is done faster and with less effort.

Below is an example of applying standard tiles. Wez also indicate products to keep it waterproof in the bathroom. You will receive an estimate of the material requirement per m2. Please note: purely indicative of course, much depends on the preconditions, expertise and quality of the substrate. You can quickly find the products below at the top of our Ceresit store. 

excel tegel.jpg
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