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High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is the perfect material for surfaces that require more durability and impact resistance. It is produced by pressing multiple core layers and a decorative resin-impregnated paper, and it is wear-resistant, durable and hygienic.

  • HPL Standardis suitable for covering vertical surfaces such as doors and wall panels, as well as horizontal surfaces such as worktops in homes and shops.

  • HPL Worktopsis suitable for covering horizontal surfaces such as kitchen worktops and retail counters.

  • HPL door laminatesare ideal for matching with the furniture or other interior surfaces such as wall panels. Combined with standard melamine-coated PB and MDF, they can create a clean and coordinated look.

  • HPL Invisible Touchis a multi-layered material with a matte finish and anti-fingerprint properties. The layers are produced under high pressure and heat.The special anti-fingerprint feature prevents unsightly fingerprints on the surfaces and reduces the amount of cleaning required. The velvety matte finish is combined with durability and impact resistance.Invisible touch HPL is the perfect product for kitchen cabinets and worktops, doors, interior fronts and panelling, column cladding, office furniture and interior solutions for restaurants and public buildings.

The HPL range is tailored to our melamine boards and gloss products and can be bonded to various wood-based substrates, offering countless design and application options for a wide variety of interiors.

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