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MPB(multipurpose board) from Kronospan is a multipurpose board for indoor and outdoor use. Due to the high material stiffness and density, this product is suitable for many applications, for example as interior wall protection for production or storage areas or for animal accommodation such as the wall covering of stables. Due to its high resistance to scratches and impacts, the product can be very useful for retailers, for example as a shelf lining.
Another advantage is the excellent water resistance, which makes some versions of MPB board particularly suitable for use in wet conditions, taking into account architectural measures. As compact outdoor panels, they combine high durability, weather resistance and fire retardant properties with a wide range of creative possibilities.
Typical outdoor applications are: roof and balcony interior cladding, facade cladding, carports, etc.


- UV stability
- Easy to remember
- Easy to clean
- Water resistant
- High durability
- Shock resistant
- Wear-resistant
- Weather resistant

- Façade cladding
- Balconies
- Sun protection

- Façade cladding

- Car ports

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